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Ashley Caitlyn Torres
(214) 232 – 3828

Email: ashleycaitlynact@gmail.com

Instagram: @actart123

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AshleyCaitlynACTArt/

Artist Website: http://ashleycaitlyn.wixsite.com/actart




Art Skills: AP 2­D Design ­ -- Allen High School -- ­­ with Melinda Lynn 

   AP Drawing ­ -- Allen High School --­­ with Melinda Lynn 

   Oil Painting ­-- Rice University --­­ with Natasha Bowdoin 

   Scenic Painting -- Rice University -- with Mark Krusop

   Numerous random art classes here and there and much self-teaching in spare time.

Related Art Job: Painting with a Twist – Plano, TX – Artist – January 2016 - September 2017

Education: Rice University – Was studying Theatre and Psychology -- August 2013 – December 2015

Viewpoints Christina Keefe

Acting I & II Christina Keefe

  • Performed scenes from Proof, Laundry and Bourbon, Uncle Vanya, Seagull, Hedda Gabbler, and Children’s Hour

    University of North Texas – Bachelor in Arts – Theatre & Psychology – August 2017




  • The Gallery Experience - 2016

  • Pancakes and Booze - 2016 and 2017

  • Chocolate and Art - 2016  and 2017

  • Stages - 2016 and 2017

  • Conception Arts - 2016

  • The Art of Fashion - 2017 - Live Painted at Event

  • Wright Twins Experience present ACT Art - 2017 - My First Solo Art Show

  • Chi Gallery - 2017 - Art was on display there for the whole month of September

  • Pop Up Art Show - 2017

  • Artlandish Halloween Show - 2017

  • 42 Murals Project - 2017 - Original Mural public art project in Deep Ellum, TX

  • Mist of Masquerade - 2017

  • ArtCon - 2017




As an artist, art is how we express ourselves. We do not express ourselves through words, but through our creations. My art is how I was able to cope with the struggles I went through in life, especially the depths that having Major Depressive Disorder brought me to. I used art as a form of therapy. Being bad at expressing my feelings, art is my way of communicating and unburdening my mind. I think the goal of art is to evoke a feeling in the viewer, whatever that feeling may be. If I accomplish to express my feeling through my pieces and evoke any sort of feeling my viewer may interpret, I have accomplished what I wish.

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